Archive: The Krave Entrepreneurship Times

An archived blog/newspaper/newsletter created under our formerly known alias of 'Krave Entrepreneurship'

7/11/20202 min read

Welcome, and thank you for reading the first Krave Entrepreneurship Times Publication. This publication will provide new and additional insight into our podcast and community. This publication will also reveal possible future guests, announce release dates, and display interesting information about entrepreneurs who may have not been on our podcast but would still like to be involved. We are always dedicated to showcase and offer learning experiences to hustling entrepreneurs in every industry.

Starting the journey of the Krave Entrepreneurship podcast and community was our first episode released in early May, where we New Krave Entrepreneurship interviewed Nolan Turner on his tips for growing an audience for your personal brand or business.

From having and managing audiences upwards of 60,000 followers he provided some valuable insight on some of the things that brought him to the place he is today in the esports industry. Including organization, using schedules, consistency, being unique, and using Instagram tools to grow your audience.

Nolan is also a hockey player and athlete who understands that in order to manifest success and produce results you have to put the time and effort. So, he advises to take his tips with a grain of salt, as one has to be willing to work hard and consistently enough to benefit from his advice. He is now exploring new forms of entrepreneurship within the space of e-commerce and we thank him for being a contributing member of our community. We wish him the best in anything new and exciting that’s next.


Our second episode released on May 31st featured Mr. Brenden Graham on his work as an Entrepreneurship 12 teacher in the greater Vancouver, British Columbia area and his work as a family and wedding photographer.

This 25 minute information packed podcast focused on the business and technical side of photography. Mr. Graham talked in detail about many important lessons that he learned along his journey and how our listeners could become photographers themselves. He also elaborated on the best parts and challenges of being a teacher, new opportunities with side hustles, stepping outside your comfort zone, and even offered some great book recommendations to our listeners.

What’s next?

Episode 3 will be coming soon as episodes release every month! We apologize for the brief hiatus, but promise that new and exciting episodes are on the horizon.

Keep learning,

Stay hungry for success,

And always Krave


We’ll see you in the next one.